PRESS RELEASE: One year of “ARSIS Football Club”: a football and solidarity team

M., 23 years old, uses to play football since a young age, in the fields and streets of Kabul. Today he lives in Thessaloniki with his three siblings. Their mother has passed away and their father is among missing people.

M. works as a cultural mediator and attends evening lessons at the vocational high school (ΕΠΑΛ) in the same time. He likes cinema very much and he wants to study cinematography, but his dream is to become a professional football player one day. Also, a 17-year old M. from Afghanistan and 21-year old S. from Iran share that same dream, to become professional football players.

They are all members of the “ARSIS Football Club” established one year ago in Thessaloniki by ARSIS – Association for the Social Support of Youth.

On Thursday, 31st of January, at 21.30 they will play against the Association of Employees of Social Insurance Institution’s (IKA) team, at the Planet Football Stadium (near the airport,


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The scope of the current document is to state ARSIS’ policy, ethics, procedures and provisions related to procurement and it covers the processes associated with procurement of the goods, services, works that are demanded for the function of ARSIS and for delivering its objectives in the context of its daily function, its operations, projects, programs, actions, partnerships.

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ARSIS’ Code of Principles and Values requires our employees, our volunteers, our friends, our members and other representatives of our organization conduct ARSIS’ activities honestly, with integrity, good judgment, equality and independence, following transparent and integer procedures, always in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, and in the best interests of ARSIS’ and the children, families and communities we serve. The Code also contains specific requirements addressing financial transactions, conflicts of interest, beneficiary safety, gifts and gratuities, and confidentiality.

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The beloved friend and partner, Vincent Tournecuillert, passed away on Wednesday night, at 21/11/2018, after a road accident just a few days earlier.

Vincent, born 46 years ago in France, was a citizen of the world that knew well how to take care of the important things with the deserved passion, to fight for the goals of his humanitarian mission and to succeed them.

He started his professional life as a journalist and always held the research look that characterizes the journalists worthy of their function. After covering as journalist the wars in the Balkans and Africa, he used to work with non-governmental organizations in various parts of the world for about two decades: Iraq, Bosnia, Yemen, Albania, Morocco, Belgium and Budapest at the end. Wherever he lived, wherever he acted, he was tempted by a deep and genuine longing to understand and respect the ways, the times, and the hardships of the ordinary people he had chosen to work with. With pure scientific and political thought, with knowledge and empathy, he tried to improve the lives of the more vulnerable people among the vulnerable ones.