In4child project

In4Child partners’ Presentation

Lead Beneficiary: ARSIS – Association for the Social Support of Youth


Partner 2: University St. Kliment Ohridski, Higher Medical School – Bitola

“St Kliment Ohridski” University – Bitola is the second oldest state University in the Republic of North Macedonia and the most important institution in the area of higher education in the south-western region of our country. UKLO is seated in Bitola, but some of the University higher-education and scientific-research units are located in several centers different than Bitola, like, Prilep, Ohrid, Skopje, Veles and Kichevo.
Since its foundation (1979), UKLO has provided higher education for over 42000 graduate students. Currently, it operates with approximately 7000 students in the system. These figures make UKLO a medium-sized, yet comprehensive higher education institution with academic offer ranging among a variety of studies in the fields of Economics, Technical Sciences and ICT, Biotechnical Sciences, Tourism, Education, Health Care, Law, Security. UKLO is composed of 12 HE units and 5 accompanying members, as principle carriers of the academic and scientific-research activities.
Efforts for constant improvement are in line with UKLO’s work not only on the education of professionals, but also on scientific research and innovation and active participation in international projects for various funding organizations and programs. In this context, UKLO shows its readiness to share the longstanding experience in writing project applications, project management and reporting of outcomes, as well as long-term sustainability of project results.

Information about the program “Psychosocial interventions for the wellbeing of children from vulnerable populations – In4Child”

Project In4Child enhances the access of children of vulnerable populations to psycho-social and health services, while at the same time provides educational interventions targeted both at children and parents.

The project implements a holistic approach in order to facilitate access to children on the move, children on the streets as well as children of other vulnerable groups (Roma, migrants, rural areas).

For the activities’ implementation, all partner’s resources and networks will be mobilized, including their volunteers’ capital.
In4Child is an innovative approach for both countries, Greece & Republic of North Macedonia, in the sense that it addresses common challenges in a cross-border manner.

ARSIS Mobile Unit for In4Child

Start of the project “Psychosocial and health interventions for the well-being of children from vulnerable populations”

Thessaloniki, 2/8/2018


“Psychosocial and health interventions for the well-being of children from vulnerable populations” called “In4Child” (for the child) are being implemented by ARSIS – Social Support Organization for Youth, the University St. Kliment Ohridski Higher Medical School of The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, UKLO, UNESCO Club of Serres and Lifestart – Growing And Learning together.
This crossborder project aims at strengthening the cooperation between Greece and The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in the field of child protection and support for vulnerable social groups. Representatives of the four partners held their first official meeting on Friday 29 June in Thessaloniki, in order to jointly organize the implementation of the actions.