Job vacancies for 2 interpreters at Epirus region

ARSIS – Association for Social Support of Youth is looking for 2 new employees with to be contracted with a 5 months contract, in the framework of «Support to refugees and migrants in Greece through an integrated multi-sector response» project. The project is implemented in Epirus in the Refugee Hosting Facilities of Katsika, Konitsa, Doliana and Filippiada in collaboration with ASB and WAHA and it is funded by European Union under the Funding Agreement ECHO/-EU/BUD/2018/01001.

The following vacancies refer to Epirus region.

PRESS RELEASE: No child at work, All children to school

Unaccompanied refugee children as well as Roma children from the Balkans and Greece are in the spotlight on the 12th of June, World Day against Child Labour, as they often fall prey to labour and financial exploitation.

Under the motto “no child at work, all children to school- childhood is not cashed in”, ARSIS – Association for the Social Support of Youth organizes an awareness campaign against child labour.

Childhood is not cashed in

The event will take place on Tuesday at 7 pm in front of the White Tower.

Both the Mobile School and the Social Circus will participate, while the children will have the opportunity to develop their creative skills.

ARSIS’ staff will offer handouts aiming to inform citizens about child labour.

PRESS RELEASE: Overcrowded open-structure refugee camps in Diavata and Lagadikia

The refugees living in the open-structure camps in Diavata and Lagadikia experience unbearable conditions and have, therefore, organized protests since the 23rd of May, taking place in the temporary reception center, that is, the former military base “Anagnostopoulou” in Diavata.   

Refugee flows, mainly through the land borders in Evros, have grown in the past two months and are expected to grow even more during summer, causing insufferable overcrowding in Northern Greece’s reception centers.

Suffice it to say that Diavata’s capacity is exhausted as it was designed to accommodate 750 people. Currently, 1,900 refugees live there, many of them in tents, exposed to harsh weather conditions.


Athens, 22 May 2018

From 1 January 2017 until the end of the year, a team of ARSIS – Association for the Social Support of Youth implemented an intervention programme supported by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in the Tavros and Amygdaleza Pre-Removal Detention Centres.
Specifically, the above ARSIS team, composed by 1 social worker, 2 lawyers, 1 psychologist and interpreters, carried out, throughout 2017, regular visits on a weekly basis (2-3 times a week) to the Tavros and Amygdaleza Pre-Removal Detention Centres, aiming, on the one hand, to provide legal and psychosocial support to unaccompanied minors, adults young detainees and other vulnerable cases, especially, to families that are being detained, and, on the other hand, monitor and perform a systematic recording of the situation and conditions of detention.
The Athens intervention group in the field of detention of ARSIS attempts a holistic approach and support of the detainees by providing legal assistance and psychosocial support, both during detention and thereafter. The introduction of a mobile school in Amygdaleza Pre-Removal Detention Centre and creating an animation and empowerment group in Tavros Pre-Removal Detention Centre are, also, important tools to support and exploit the possibilities of detainees and, in particular, of children in detention.

ARSIS in the 6th Festival of Multilingualism

ARSIS – Association for the Social Support of Youth, participates in this year’s, 6th Festival of Multilingualism, organized by the Municipality of Thessaloniki. The events under the title “Education on the streets for democracy and pluralism” take place on the 18th, 19th and 20th of May.

Friday 18 May

  • ARSIS organizes two intercultural workshops on human rights, using Compass and Compasito textbooks. The first workshop (for kids) takes place on the ground floor of the Glass Building, Thessaloniki Port, from 5 pm to 6 pm, followed by the second workshop (for adults) from 6pm to 8pm.
  • ARSIS and the research group on educational multilingualism DIEPAFI decorate the World-Tree with wishes in many languages (from 6pm to 7 pm at Dock A).