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Building Relationships through Innovative Development of Gender Based Violence Awareness in Europe – BRIDGE

The existing studies point to alarming accounts of gender based violence (GVB) affecting refugee and migrant children and youth in the European Union. Trafficking, sexual exploitation and abuse, forced labour are part of the experiences of people on the move. At the same time, the considerable lack of data and professionals’ knowledge and coordination, on the one hand, and the low awareness amongst migrant children and youth themselves, on the other hand, make the issue of gender based violence difficult to tackle. 

In order to strengthen the statutory response to gender based violence affecting children and youth on the move in EU countries, ARSIS Association for the Social Support of Youth and partners have just commenced the implementation of its regional project titled “Building Relationships through Innovative Development of Gender Based Violence Awareness in Europe –BRIDGE”.

SLYMS Program: Socio-cultural Youth Learning in Societies with Mobility

Socio-cultural Youth Learning in Mobility Societies (SLYMS) is a three-year research program, which began in July 2018, funded by the European Commission and supported by ERASMUS+. Universities, Municipalities and NGOs from the 3 European countries (Greece, Spain, Portugal) are all partners of the program. The program is mainly for refugees and immigrant populations. In particular, it focuses on young refugees, as they are currently the biggest challenge.

The research aims at designing and implementing a modern, functional and efficient social model of integration and participation, based on the principles of multicultural education and the logic previous models. SLYMS research centers around the inclusion of mobile populations, with the intention of integration from the base of the community – the Municipality. As well as using previous scientific research, educational knowledge and field experience to do so, personal experiences, knowledge and abilities of the travelling people are also taken into account.

ArtsTogether – Integrating Migrant Children at Schools through Artistic Expression

ARSIS Association for the Social Support of Youth is member of the consortium for the implementation of the European project “ArtsTogether – Integrating Migrant Children at Schools through Artistic Expression”.

“ArtsTogether” is co–funded by the AMIFund of the European Commission and its duration is 24 months (January 2018-December 2019). The core partners are 10 institutions from five different European countries (Greece, Italy, Austria, Belgium, UK). The main objective is to create specific measures that target migrant children in early childhood and primary education, aiming to contribute to the elimination of the educational disadvantage and cultural barriers they experience.

The project ArtsTogether aims at developing and testing a curriculum based on artistic activities and collaborative approaches that will be used in order to equip teachers for dealing with diversity, fostering mutual understanding and respect among their pupils and improve the educational performance of migrant pupils.

Open Schools in the Neighborhood


ARSIS – Association for the Social Support of Youth is participating in the program “Open Schools in the Neighborhood” through the action “Poem: Innovative Yard Stories”, which is implemented from the 6 June-27 July and 1-30 September.

The program “Open Schools in the Neighborhood” is an initiative of the Education and Sports Department of the municipality of Thessaloniki, in partnership with the Creativity Platform (AMKE) which coordinates the program, exclusively funded by Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

It is regarding an innovative pilot scheme, which’s main goal is the opening of schools, neighborhood, and local authority on the subjects of pedagogy, creative occupation, encouragement and support of the children, parents and citizens.


Implementation period: 01.01.2018-31.12.2020

ARSIS – Association for the Social Support of Youth implements in partnership with other four partners Italy, Malta, Lithuania and Denmark the European program Erasmus + YOUTH-LED STREET SPORT FOR ALL 2018-2020.

‘Youth-led Street Sport for All’ aims to increase participation in sports, strengthen social inclusion and promote voluntary activity amongst disadvantaged children and youth in Italy, Greece, Malta, Lithuania and Denmark.

In communities across Europe young people experience a general lack of opportunities with issues such as poor health, youth unemployment, poverty and social exclusion. At the same time, the world is passing through the biggest refugee crisis since the end of the World War II. This has led to an increased tension which arguably challenges the social cohesion within many European member states.

With this project five experienced partner organisations have come together and developed a framework to address the lack of opportunities for disadvantaged children and youth through street sports. By supporting this project the EU will allow the organizations to innovate, refine and scale a proven ‘Sport for All’ concept and deliver three intellectual outputs, which will be tested on the asphalt.