Innovation Fund: Using the power of sport to end violence, discrimination and disadvantage

Duration: 01/08/2020 – 31/07/2021 (12 months)

Total Income: 12.947 €

Partners: GAME, ARSIS- Association for the Social Support of Youth, Yoga & Sport for Refugees

Funded by: “Laureus Sport for Good” and “SOL Foundation”

The project has two steps:

1. Playmaker training and youth led sports activities

2. A participatory design process which explores how the refugee playmaker’s competences could be transferred into concrete strategies that can be used in their onward journey. This also includes testing a virtual community and support network for refugee playmakers on the move.

ARSIS Annual Project Review 2019

ARSIS’ 2019 Annual Project Review is now available in English. In 2019, ARSIS supported vulnerable children, youth and their families through 27 projects. In collaboration with our national, European, and international partners and supporters, we provided a wide range of services, including housing and psychosocial support. ARSIS continues to work tirelessly towards our vision of social action and solidarity, of a society with equal opportunities for all young people and respect for their rights.

ARSIS Annual Project Review 2018

Organising the support network for social integration and empowerment of minor refugees and their families in the Thessaloniki area .

Project duration: 1/2/2017 – 31/5/2018
Budget: 512.079,00€
Total expenses 2018 (01/01/2018 31/05/2018): 161.676, 67€

During the period 1/2/2017 – 31/5/2018, ARSIS implemented the project “Organising the support network for social integration and empowerment of minor refugees and their families in the Thessaloniki area” in collaboration with the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB), which was funded by the German Federal Foreign Ministry (GFM). The project aimed at the development of supportive activities for young people and children of refugees, as well as for their families through the creation of a Youth Support Centre (YSC).

Activities of the YSCincluded the Social Service, an educational and creative programme for children inside or outside the YSC, Administrative Support for beneficiaries, and distribution of basic necessities. In order to reach beneficiaries, ARSIS utilised tools such as mobile social work (Streetwork) and the Mobile School.


Refugees and Orientation, Assessment Desk, Methodologies, Activities and Participation

Roadmap was a very successful European project funded by AMIF, implemented by a wide and full of expertise consortium during 1/01/2017 – 31/12/2018. Roadmap promoted the entry and labor market integration of migrants, asylum seekers and beneficiaries of international protection in the European policy on migration. The project’s main activity was the creation and operation of a ‘Guidance Bureau’ in each of the five countries that participated in the project. Each partner-operated for 12 hours per a week for 15 months an open service for the persons of concern providing them with job counseling and market-oriented advice. ARSIS staff was trained through a common European methodology that was created during the project, and sufficiently served 139 people in Thessaloniki.

The experience gained by Roadmap, and the methodology guides will be a key asset to the proposed project. Having already a complete methodology, specially designed during the refugee crisis, by any organization who work with migrants and refugees, for the entry and labor market integration of migrants, asylum seekers, and beneficiaries of international protection is considered a strong advantage of the proposal.

ArtsTogether – Integrating Migrant Children at Schools through Artistic Expression

ARSIS Association for the Social Support of Youth is member of the consortium for the implementation of the European project “ArtsTogether – Integrating Migrant Children at Schools through Artistic Expression”.

“ArtsTogether” is co–funded by the AMIFund of the European Commission and its duration is 24 months (January 2018-December 2019). The core partners are 10 institutions from five different European countries (Greece, Italy, Austria, Belgium, UK). The main objective is to create specific measures that target migrant children in early childhood and primary education, aiming to contribute to the elimination of the educational disadvantage and cultural barriers they experience.

The project ArtsTogether aims at developing and testing a curriculum based on artistic activities and collaborative approaches that will be used in order to equip teachers for dealing with diversity, fostering mutual understanding and respect among their pupils and improve the educational performance of migrant pupils.